HDI Certification Training in San Antonio

Let’s bring local HDI certification training to San Antonio! Did you know that onsite training is a convenient, cost-effective approach to instructor-led training, eliminating individual travel costs and providing training where and when students need it most?

HDI training and certification provides individuals with the conceptual knowledge and practical skills to thrive in their support organizations. Expanding customer service skills, service management processes, and awareness of industry-standard best practices, HDI certification and training helps IT support and service management professionals develop their skills and abilities.

Please visit the HDI course catalog page for a list of available courses, and then let me know which courses you’d like to see in San Antonio.

Jesse Vazquez
VP Training and Development
HDI San Antonio Local Chapter

Event Follow Up – Get smART, Presented by Malcolm Fry

Malcolm FryWe hope you had the opportunity to join the 55+ other IT professionals in watching Global ITSM authority Malcolm Fry  present Get smART, a Kaleidoscope of Ideas to Refresh Our ITSM Palettes on Friday, February 27.  Malcolm painted a pathway for IT using images of famous artists’ artwork and stories of their lives, while weaving in stories of his upbringing in North London. Here are just a few of my takeaways from the presentation. There were so many great nuggets!IMG_1526

From Salavor Dali’s work, sometimes you have to step back and think about what you’re doing and not be reactive. Look at the services with an open mind, and work toward resolution, not just a workaround. George Seurat showed that with so much data to analyze, we need to learn to manage the data.  Precision takes time and resources; the results are not always what you wanted.MFry_group2

With Claude Monet, I was reminded to do things in a way that is enjoyable; we need to have more “feel good” in the IT world. (One of the ways we do this is by improving what we do and including the end user in the project.) Stephen Wiltshire’s work was proof that regardless of where you started, you can always get to the top.

We’d like to thank CPS Energy for hosting and Cherwell Software, a global IT Service Management software provider, for sponsoring this event!

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