What would you want to learn from San Antonio area cybersecurity SME’s?

2017 witnessed more cybersecurity attacks, increased spending, greater defenses, and larger breaches. 2018 may see even more of all things cybersecurity.

Please join HDI San Antonio for a cybersecurity panel discussion featuring CISO’s and SME’s from iHeart Media, Andeavor, CPS Energy, Capital Group, and IPSecure.  iHeart Media will host this lively discussion on Thursday, June 21, 2:30 – 5:00 PM.  This is a great venue to collaborate and network with San Antonio area Cybersecurity and IT Leaders.

Panel Discussion Questions

We are in the process of crowdsourcing panel questions and would like your input.  Please reply to info@hdisanantonio.org with any feedback on these questions or other things you would like to know.

Here is what your peers are asking:

  • What is best practice for educating users on data security?
  • Which industries will cybersecurity have the biggest impact on in the future?
  • Any insight to impact of Port San Antonio cyber facility, construction and build out?
  • Do false positives exist? Why?
  • How do you split internal vs. external email?
  • Phishing Emails?
  • What currently is the level and impact of cyber risks to the business? How do you measure that?
  • What tools are organizations using to protect external emails coming into an organization?
  • How does an organization plan for an internal attack vs. external? Similarities and differences?
  • What protocols do you have in place to handle a data breach?
  • What is the best software for intrusions, detection, and preventative for a mid-size organization (200) users?
  • How important/needed is a SOC?
  • How do you work with bridging infrastructure flexibility with security tools as programs are requiring higher privileges to function as designed?
  • Issues (currently) with state actors and threats.
  • What are the top cybersecurity concerns that exist today?

This event is offered at no cost to member and member organizations and $30.00 for nonmembers.  Please click on the button below for more information and registration for this event.

Please join us in thanking our sponsor, ServiceNow for sponsoring this event.

We thank you for your support and look forward to seeing you on June 21st.

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