Local San Antonio HDI Chapter

HDI San Antonio Local Chapter accepting nominations for the Board of Directors

Nominations are now open for the HDI San Antonio Local Chapter Board of Directors.  We start 2017 with an excellent core group of officers and are looking for a few additions to round out our Board and make 2017 our best year ever.   We are planning an exploratory lunch for Wednesday, March 8 for those interested in seeking a Board of Directors position.  Please review the information below and contact Bernard Beaullieu if you are interested in being a part of our Board.

WIIFM, Personal benefits to individual officers:

  • Complimentary HDI membership for officers for the tenure of their office
    • A $295 value
    • Not to exceed 7 officers per chapter
    • With this membership comes the normal member benefits of:
      • Discounts to conferences, training
      • Member access to all online products, resources, etc.
  • Online Training:  Any Online Certification course offered by HDI Global
    • Cost for officer is $250
    • Regular price $495 to $695
  • Recognition as leaders of the support industry
    • Letter of appreciation to your boss from HDI National
    • Recognition whenever possible in HDI sponsored publications
      • Community News, HDI Insider, HDI website, HDIConnect
    • Honored whenever possible at HDI sponsored events
      • Officer Summit, Officer Meeting at Annual conference, Annual Conference, training courses, etc.
  • Great opportunity to connect with local area IT Support leaders at a personal level.
    • We spend a lot of time together discussing initiatives in our support organizations.
  • Great opportunity to develop leadership skills and enhance your resume with volunteer board service.

What are the requirements of service?

  • We have our board Meetings the second Wednesday of every month from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM.  We normally pick a central location to all attendees.  We expect officers to attend at least 9 out of 12 board meetings.
  • Everyone on the board rotates for the monthly one hour Regional Conference Call and one hour National Conference Call.   Typically we have 6-7 Board Members.  That is a one hour call every 3 months.
  • HDI also holds a 30 minute “Grass Roots” call every other month for each of the officer roles.  This is where each of the officers get together with their peers from other chapters to discuss best practices for their focus area.
  • PowerPoint overview of the HDI San Antonio Board of Directors Roles and Deliverables.



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