HDI Conference 2015 update by VP of Training and Development

HDI San Antonio Local Chapter VP of Training and Development , Doug Rabold, represented  the San Antonio Local Chapter at HDI Conference 2016 this year. He wrote about his experience below.

HDI Conference 2016 was held in Orlando, FL, in April, and the future of HDI could not be brighter! I’ve had the pleasure of attending several previous HDI and FUSION conferences, but this one had a vibrancy to it that was previously unmatched. There was a very high percentage of first-time attendees – by show of hands in the first general session, it was upwards of 40% of the hall! Attendance was up to an estimated 2500 IT Service and Support professionals plus hundreds of vendors and support staff. Although some of the industry legends were absent this year, there were many first-time presenters in the break-out sessions – including HDI Member Advisory Board members and past winners of HDI annual awards. Fresh perspectives meant a spirit of change and renewal was palpable!

Keynote speakers this year were amazing! Tech columnist David Pogue helped everyone see (and hear) the entertaining side of the social impact of technology. (Do yourself a favor and search “David Pogue iPhone song” on YouTube!) Sally Hogshead helped us see how branding isn’t just for marketing folks; branding has a definite place in IT. Noted author and former Gallup researcher Marcus Buckingham taught how we often look at things in reverse – focusing on weaknesses rather than strengths. Yossi Ghinsberg had the entire room in rapt silence as he related his tale of survival, escaping alone from two weeks without supplies in the Amazon. Rather than just talking tech, the keynotes made IT relatable.

Circle of Excellence Award

This happened to be my first time at Accepting the HDI Circle of Excellence Awardconference as an HDI Chapter Officer, so I
got to participate in a variety of activities that I’d never experienced before. It was my honor to represent our San Antonio chapter in receiving recognition as a Circle of Excellence Award winning chapter for 2015.

I had the opportunity to network with other Vice Presidents of Training VPs of T&D with Shea Knauffand Development to leverage others’ experiences in helping members and their teams grow and develop. I spent time working the HDI booth in the expo hall, distributing HDI knowledge (and tchotchkes) to fellow members! It was especially gratifying to see our region bring home several awards. The ability to see the conference from another perspective lent itself to making this the most refreshing conference I’ve attended.

I spent quite a bit of time documenting the HDI Conference this year. To get a better feel of what the conference experience was like, you can still download the HDI Conference 2016 app in the Apple and GooglePlay stores. After installing the app, look for my name in the Attendees section. You can then see the posts I made throughout the conference. Enjoy! I hope to see you at FUSION16 or HDI Conference 2017!

2016 HDI Expo and Conference – happening now!

Every year HDI hosts a conference bringing IT service and technical supportPicture of HDI certification classes professionals from around the world to discuss today’s most pressing service and support challenges. Facilitated by industry thought-leaders, practitioners and process experts, this 2016 HDI Expo and Conference brings you strategies for achieving service management excellence.  Doug Rabold, VP of Training and Development, is representing HDI San Antonio Local Chapter at this year’s conference.

Start planning to attend next year and join in on the excitement! Doug will be reporting on his experience in the near future. Stay tuned for more!


World-class service begins with HDI certifications!

A strong service desk and superior customer support don’t just happen. They are the result of careful planning, judicious hiring, and targeted training — training such as ITIL Foundation, and KCS (Knowledge Centered Support) Principles.HDITraining

You have the team of service-minded technicians, so are you ready to take  it to the next level? Your HDI San Antonio Local Chapter is working hard to bring HDI certification classes to San Antonio. Cut down on travel expenses and consider sending some or all of your technicians for certification training. Your customers (and your team!) will thank you.

If you’d like to learn more about these certification classes, please contact Doug Rabold, VP of Training and Development, or visit the HDI website.

Opportunity is knocking! Open the door to the HDI Local Chapter through event sponsorship.

a picture of a closed door

Open doors with event sponsorship!

Event Sponsorship and consistent participation in your HDI San Antonio Local Chapter will position your company as a trusted local partner as you lend expertise, contribute knowledge, and share your experience with members. Did you know that HDI San Antonio is seen as a nationwide leader with HDI? The HDI San Antonio local chapter achieved HDI Circle of Excellence for 2015! The Circle of Excellence program is to recognize those chapters who are meeting the standards for an HDI local chapter, and are following the best practices which ensure they are providing value to their membership. As a sponsor you contribute to providing value to our local members and creating relationships that will provide you opportunities to grow your business and yourself. Contact Shawn McClelland, VP of Vendor Sponsorship for HDI San Antonio, at mcclellandsp@uthscsa.edu.

More on the HDI San Antonio Lunch Social

HDI San Antonio would like to thank all who joined us at our Lunch Social at Mamacitas Restaurant and Cantina last Wednesday for a delicious Mexican meal and good company.

IT and Service Desk leaders from CPS Energy, StandardAero, Whataburger, SSFCU, Texas Department of Banking, SWBC, SACU, UT Health Science Center, University Health System, University of Texas San Antonio, SATX Technology Associates, Camber, Y&L Consulting, and Beaullieu & Associates had the opportunity to exchange ideas and learn from others’ experiences.

Watch for updates about our upcoming events. We hope you’ll join us!


A word from your chapter president

We had this year’s first HDI San Antonio Board of Directors meeting on Wednesday, January 27.  It was great to get back together again and start brainstorming for the new year.

We’ve had some role changes within the board and we are pleased to welcome Rosana Mason Rosana, Doug, and Joshas a new board member.  Rosana is pictured with board members, Doug Rabold and Josh Valencia.

This year’s HDI San Antonio Local Chapter Board of Directors includes:

VP of Vendor Management  Shawn McClelland, UT Health Science Center

VP of Communications – Norma Ohlenbusch, Rackspace

VP of Training & Development – Doug Rabold, CPS Energy

VP of Membership – Jesse Vazquez, Y&L Consulting

VP of Events – Josh Valencia, CPS Energy

VP of Web & Social Presence – Steve Steinbach, Whataburger

VP of Programs – Rosana Mason, CPS Energy

President – Bernard Beaullieu, Beaullieu & Associates

We are in the process of planning our events schedule for 2016 and look forward to seeing everyone sometime in March.

Thanks again for your support,