Welcome to the HDI San Antonio Local Chapter

The HDI San Antonio Local Chapter offers area IT Support Leaders the opportunity to "Connect" with the local information technology support  community and share "Best Practices" in the areas of Service Management and Technology Support.  Events feature discussions and presentations of real life implementation of IT Service Management and IT Support best practices by engaging support leaders from local area organizations.

HDI is the worldwide professional association and certification body for the technical service and support industry. Facilitating collaboration and networking, HDI hosts acclaimed conferences and events, produces renowned publications and research, and certifies and trains thousands of professionals each year.  Our Vision is to be the Premier Information Technology Support Association in South Texas.

August Round Table Discussion – What KPIs & Metrics Are You Using?

For our August event, we are going to have a Round Table discussion that focuses on what KPI’s and metrics your organization is using to measure your success.  This is a follow up discussion to Jeff Rumburg’s presentation on Service & Support as  a Business, KPIs that tell the big picture.  We are all dedicated to improving service, increasing our value to the business and ultimately being a “World Class” service & support organization.

Using the 80/20 rule and backed by data from over 3,700 IT Service & Support Benchmarks, Jeff came up with this short list of KPI’s that we should focus on to gauge our performance:

  • Cost – Cost per ticket
  • Quality – Customer Satisfaction
  • Productivity – Agent Utilization
  • Call Handling – First Contact Resolution Rate
  • TCO – First Level Resolution Rate
  • Agent – Agent Job Satisfaction
  • Aggregate – Balanced Scorecard

This discussion will cover everything from which KPIs you use to how they are tracked and used to improve service.  We hope to get into training and other related topics.  You might want to take a look at Jeff Rumburg’s presentation at https://www.metricnet.com/hdisanantonio/

Please be on the lookout for more details on this event.  We have had a lot of requests for a round table on this topic…It should be a good one!

We wish all of you a safe, fun and happy Fourth of July holiday weekend!

Your HDI San Antonio Local Chapter


HDI Support Center Analyst – HDI San Antonio

Are you an IT professional who wants to ensure that front-line technical resources are aware of and using industry best practices when working with customers?  Would you like to have a better understanding of incident management?  Do you want to improve customer interactions to the point that they want to work with your support area?


The HDI San Antonio Chapter is proud to bring to our community an opportunity to learn, understand and gain the skills for certification in HDI Support Center Analyst [HDI-SCA]. This two day certified instructor-led course will be offered in San Antonio on 8/1 and 8/2.  The content will help front-line support agents better understand the critical aspect of their role.  The cost for HDI members is only $1395 ($1495 for non-members).


Please click here and sign up today and be sure to enter code “TBSA” if you would like to learn how your front-line IT support can move to the next level!  Feel free to call Doug Rabold at (210)-793-0069 if you have any questions about this course or have any other questions about HDI training and certification offerings.

Knowledge Centered Support – HDI San Antonio

hdi-cert-kcs smallAre you a business professional who wants to ensure that your customers’ experience is clear and consistent?  Would you like to reduce the time necessary to make newly-hired resources ready to provide customer support?  Do you have an interest in learning how knowledge can be the most valuable product that any organization can deliver?


The HDI San Antonio Chapter is proud to bring to our community an opportunity to learn, understand and gain the skills for certification in Knowledge Centered Support Foundation. This one day certified instructor-led course will be offered twice in July – on 7/12 and 7/13.  The content applies not just to IT support but is appropriate for anyone working in a non-technical environment where knowledge-sharing is a key indicator of success.  The cost for HDI members is only $695 ($795 for non-members) and will provide attendees with an immersive understanding of the methodology of Knowledge Centered Support.


Please click here to sign up today and be sure to enter code “TBSA” if you would like to learn how your support area can move from good to great!  Feel free to call Doug Rabold at (210)-793-0069 if you have any questions about this course or have any other questions about HDI training and certification offerings.


Live from the HDI San Antonio Event Service & Support as a Business: KPIs that tell the big picture

HDI_LC_SanAntonio_4CWhat a great event!  Jeff Rumburg, MetricNet, presented Service & Support as a Business: KPIs that Tell the Big Picture to a large group representing many of San Antonio’s leading IT Organizations.   Mr. Rumburg has been retained as an IT service and support expert by some of the world’s largest corporations, including American Express, Hewlett-Packard, General Motors, and IBM.  Jeff thanks again for coming to San Antonio and sharing your valuable experience and information.


Visit https://www.metricnet.com/hdisanantonio/ to download a pdf copy of Jeff Rumburg’s presentation.

Please join us in thanking our host, CPS Energy and our event sponsor, Apex Systems for making this event possible.

We are taking the month of July off and will be back in August with a round table discussion.

Have a great summer!

HDI San Antonio

HDI KCS Foundation and Support Center Analyst training coming to San Antonio

Looking for a great way to improve service and elevate the customer experience in your organization?  HDI training and certifications are an excellent way to learn service and support “Best Practices.” We are pleased to announce that the HDI KCS Foundation Certification and the HDI Support Center Analyst Certification training classes are coming to San Antonio this summer.

The HDI KCS Foundation training is a one-day class and will be offered here in San Antonio on both July 12 and July 13.  According to HDI Global, “This certification is for those individuals who want to demonstrate that they understand Knowledge-Centered Support (KCS) practices and how they provide value. This certification ensures a consistent understanding of the KCS methodology for everyone in the organization.”

The HDI Support Center Analyst Certification class is a two-day class and will be offered here in San Antonio on August 1. According to HDI Global, “This certification verifies that front-line technical support professionals possess the knowledge and skills required to provide quality service and support. It ensures they understand service management processes and best practices, while providing a competitive edge for career advancement.”

Please visit the HDI Course Calendar for more details and registration info.  You can also contact Shea Knauff, HDI Account Manager at 904.819.6647 for more details.


HDI Conference 2015 update by VP of Training and Development

HDI San Antonio Local Chapter VP of Training and Development , Doug Rabold, represented  the San Antonio Local Chapter at HDI Conference 2016 this year. He wrote about his experience below.

HDI Conference 2016 was held in Orlando, FL, in April, and the future of HDI could not be brighter! I’ve had the pleasure of attending several previous HDI and FUSION conferences, but this one had a vibrancy to it that was previously unmatched. There was a very high percentage of first-time attendees – by show of hands in the first general session, it was upwards of 40% of the hall! Attendance was up to an estimated 2500 IT Service and Support professionals plus hundreds of vendors and support staff. Although some of the industry legends were absent this year, there were many first-time presenters in the break-out sessions – including HDI Member Advisory Board members and past winners of HDI annual awards. Fresh perspectives meant a spirit of change and renewal was palpable!

Keynote speakers this year were amazing! Tech columnist David Pogue helped everyone see (and hear) the entertaining side of the social impact of technology. (Do yourself a favor and search “David Pogue iPhone song” on YouTube!) Sally Hogshead helped us see how branding isn’t just for marketing folks; branding has a definite place in IT. Noted author and former Gallup researcher Marcus Buckingham taught how we often look at things in reverse – focusing on weaknesses rather than strengths. Yossi Ghinsberg had the entire room in rapt silence as he related his tale of survival, escaping alone from two weeks without supplies in the Amazon. Rather than just talking tech, the keynotes made IT relatable.

Circle of Excellence Award

This happened to be my first time at Accepting the HDI Circle of Excellence Awardconference as an HDI Chapter Officer, so I
got to participate in a variety of activities that I’d never experienced before. It was my honor to represent our San Antonio chapter in receiving recognition as a Circle of Excellence Award winning chapter for 2015.

I had the opportunity to network with other Vice Presidents of Training VPs of T&D with Shea Knauffand Development to leverage others’ experiences in helping members and their teams grow and develop. I spent time working the HDI booth in the expo hall, distributing HDI knowledge (and tchotchkes) to fellow members! It was especially gratifying to see our region bring home several awards. The ability to see the conference from another perspective lent itself to making this the most refreshing conference I’ve attended.

I spent quite a bit of time documenting the HDI Conference this year. To get a better feel of what the conference experience was like, you can still download the HDI Conference 2016 app in the Apple and GooglePlay stores. After installing the app, look for my name in the Attendees section. You can then see the posts I made throughout the conference. Enjoy! I hope to see you at FUSION16 or HDI Conference 2017!